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About Us

 It’s All About Balance® … at sea, at work, at play, in life. With an education in Recreation Administration and an interest in wellness, DJ Femia Leeuwenburg expresses her balance through Plimsoll Gear®, a company that speaks to the spirit in us all.


The story began simply enough. She came across one of her husband’s business card in their home office. A retired merchant mariner now marine cargo surveyor, Charles finds his balance attending ships  at the port, be it at home in Morehead City, N.C., or at any terminal around the globe. The hieroglyphic-looking symbol that grabbed her attention is used in the shipping industry is a ship’s load line – a visual reading of how much cargo a vessel is carrying, ensuring that the ship is well balanced and ready for its journey.


Not only was it cool, it was hard not to notice the parallel between the design and the balance sought in everyday life. Whether it is on the soccer field or the yoga studio, the office or the kitchen, finding a healthy, balanced lifestyle, both physically and spiritually, is the key to a life well lived. It is an integral part of each of us, regardless of what our journey may be. Like vessels heading out to sea, each of us is searching for that even load, balance on the surfboard, kayak and bicycle or balance in motherhood, relationships and business. Named after its founder, Samuel Plimsoll, the Plimsoll Mark has provided a guide for the shipping industry since the mid-1800s, and today, through Plimsoll Gear®, it provides a reminder to everyone of how important that balance is in our daily lives as well.


Combining the couple’s careers and illustrating their own passion to achieve personal balance, a company was born in their living room. Like many things, it started small – a few designs, a home office, local distributors – and from those first few T-shirts and coffee mugs, a philosophy was born. People not only took notice, but they identified. That search for balance in all we do is one of the many threads that bind all of mankind no matter who we are or what we do. And it provides the heart and soul of Plimsoll Gear®, the company dedicated to our individual balance.

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