Several years ago, I was introduced to a symbol which gave a visual to my approach in life, the balance of mind, body and spirit. The Plimsoll Mark has a 130 year history of saving lives at sea.  The Mark, our logo,  indicates the heaviest a ship can be safely laden and still maintain stability.
Plimsoll Gear® is a balance inspired clothing line born out of my love of yoga/wellness and my husband’s background as a former merchant mariner now marine cargo surveyor. 
All of us come from different spaces and places in life but whether on a yoga mat, surfboard, sailboat, relationships, work, family, whatever it is, we seek balance in our lives.  Like ships when we are in balance, we feel safe to weather life's storms, everyday challenges and circumstances.  
Get to know us. Visit our website and view our video. Together, let's begin to share that literal as well as metaphorical balance, building a community with Plimsoll Gear®. 
Motivate.  Participate. Represent your commitment to balance with apparel from Plimsoll Gear®.  At sea and in life....It's All About Balance®
Happy New Year!
Dee Jaye 
Founder/Sea. E. O. 
Plimsoll Gear®: It's All About Balance®