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My Days Are Filled With Family

Posted on in Blog by DJ Femia Leeuwenburg

My days are filled with family, work, service, play and rest, no different than most people these days. Sometimes I tend to spend more time at work than with family or in activities like yoga or kayaking...

2015: One simple word, BALANCE, how will it change you?

Posted on in Blog by DJ Femia Leeuwenburg

Happy New Year! Several years ago, I was introduced to a symbol which gave a visual to my approach in life, the balance of mind, body and spirit.  

Life Changes

Posted on in Blog by DJ Femia Leeuwenburg

Life changes, people change, situations change; chaos and change are the impetus for growth. The change and growth can be painful, but most births are. We can choose to focus on the negative, or we can roll with the punches and make the best of the situation.

The Balancing Act of Life

Posted on in Blog by Lanette Jorgensen

Thanks to the dear folk at Plimsoll Gear  for inviting me to share some of my connection to the word BALANCE. For the past six years, I’ve started every year by identifying a word that will be my focus for the year. The first year I did this, my word was BALANCE. It was a year of stops, starts and shifts for me. I made a dramatic change in my business plan for Cheap Therapy, the small paper art business I operate from my home...

The Plimsoll Gear Store is officially OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!

Posted on in Blog by Plimsoll Gear

We are very excited to announce the GRAND OPENING of our Online Plimsoll Gear Store! Check out our current line of apparel and be on the lookout for some brand new Plimsoll Products and Merchandise in the coming weeks and months.  We truly appreciate everyone’s support and patience during this process. It’s been a long journey but we’ve weathered the storms and are doing whatever we can to remind ourselves that It’s All About Balance®. Cheers! - See more at: http://www.plimsollgear.com/?p=327#sthash.53IUo9O2.dpuf


Posted on in Blog by Plimsoll Gear

Thanks to  everyone who has been visiting our site.  Make sure to like our facebook page, Plimsoll Gear: It’s All About Balance.  Come back soon to check for our online shop launch date.  Plimsoll Classic Tees and other Plimsoll Products will be available soon! - See more at: http://www.plimsollgear.com/?p=263#sthash.wYGUgdHD.dpuf

Welcome Aboard!

Posted on in Blog by Plimsoll Gear

We are excited to launch the new Plimsoll Gear® website! The brand began as curiosity about a cool symbol on a business card. Now, after time spent building our company and registering trademarks, we embark on this new journey… Bringing our apparel brand to you!

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