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Runners Dozen Finishes Grueling 208 Mile Blue Ridge Relay

Posted on in Running by Bethann Wilkie

What is the Blue Ridge Relay? Essentially, it is the stupidest, most insane and illogically epicly fun adventure that I’ve ever experienced. Whenever I tell someone about this race, I realize my audience is looking back at me with a glazed look on their face that is full of confusion and a little bit of pity. There is a team of 4-12 runners. Let me go on the record and state that any team of less than 12 is stupid, insane and just beyond my comprehension...

Plimsoll Gear® Sponsors Blue Ridge Relay Team

Posted on in Running by Plimsoll Gear

Plimsoll Gear® will be sponsoring team Runners Dozen in the Blue Ridge Relay this weekend. The 208 mile race is one of the longest running relay races in the United States. It takes place in the picturesque Blue Ridge and Black Mountains of Virginia and North Carolina.

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