My days are filled with family, work, service, play and rest, no different than most people these days. Sometimes I tend to spend more time at work than with family or in activities like yoga or kayaking, that help to alleviate the stress and strain of running a business. Doing too much of one thing can upset my emotional and physical well being. Striving for balance can also become taxing and stressful, especially if I find myself trying to force "down time." The key to establishing balance in my life is to walk the path of my own heart, finding congruence and alignment with my values and my actions. Working with a therapist years ago, she had me list in order of importance the priorities for my life. My list, probably similar to others, looked like this: spiritual life, family, work, volunteerism, friends, community and self development. After the list was made, she instructed me to create a time wheel (visualize pie chart) and divide each entity into a pie portion based on the amount of time spent in that activity. The results were revealing. The things that I said were important, I spent very little time in, and the activity that consumed most of my time was work. This sole exercise served as a catalyst to move me in a direction where I wanted to align my actions with my beliefs and said priorities. Fortunately for me, I am in a business where play is my work. Yoga and kayaking are the core elements of my business, and while these activities are relaxing in nature, as a owner/operator this is a business, and I can spend too much time and energy on it, subsequently becoming stressed out and imbalanced...the remedy always is to step back, breathe, reevaluate my priorities, step onto my mat or go for a paddle to reconnect with the part of me that knows the truth, the part that yearns for purpose and balance.

Namaste!Life Balance Wheel