The month of September is National Yoga Month.  A month to celebrate the benefits of yoga and inspire a healthy lifestyle…

~ One that is in balance~

A while back, while shopping in Morehead City, my husband and I popped in to a favorite café to grab a cup of coffee, and fuel up with a treat. 

While wandering the aisles, my husband turned towards me with a coffee mug in his hand, and a bemused look on his face. I looked at the cup and smiled back – having seen a simple symbol and the words, “It’s All About Balance®.” 

At that point in our lives, a need to “find balance” in multiple dimensions had become a recurring topic of conversation, so we were both immediately drawn to the iconic design and message. 

Then we read the tag describing Samuel Plimsoll’s life mission and the noble purpose of the Plimsoll mark – and discovered the humbling story that provides beautiful substance behind the “balance” message. 

So we left the shop not only with caffeine, baked goods, and a lovely mug - but also a growing affinity for the Plimsoll Gear brand.

Months later, I happened to have the pleasure of meeting DJ Femia Leeuwenburg (the owner and driving force behind Plimsoll Gear) while I was teaching a yoga class in Swansboro.  

We quickly found ourselves talking about yoga and other topics for hours – a wonderful introduction to DJ on a personal level, and my first exposure to her deep commitment to honoring the Plimsoll ethos (values, character) through her work and products. 

I am grateful for finding the mug that day, hearing more about Plimsoll Gear – and most importantly, meeting DJ and being able to call her my friend. 

Of course, I shared with DJ the story of “the mug,” and why the purposeful “Its All About Balance” message so immediately resonated with me.

We are constantly striving for balance.  When there is balance there is peace. 

May the magic of yoga inspire you to explore the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. 


Breathe in~  Breathe out~

Pratice on~  Shine on~ 

Loretta Jo Schlatzer, ERYT-500

Founder of Yoga-Mojo, LLC

919-533-YOGA (9642)