Dear Felliow Yogis,

Six years ago, I discovered a symbol that represented my approach in life: balance of the mind, body and spirit. This symbol is called the Plimsoll Mark and is has a 130 year history of keeping lives safe at sea. This physical mark on the side of a ship indicates the heaviest she can be safely loaded while maintaining stability. Only after a ship is properly balanced, is it regarded safe to sail the oceans.

In yoga, we come from many different places and spaces in life, but we all meet on on the mat in search of balance. Like ships, when we as individuals are in balance, we feel safe and prepared to weather life's storms, everyday challenges and circumstances. Plimsoll Gear® is a balance inspired clothing line born out of my love of yoga and my husband's background as former merchant mariner now maine cargo surveyor.

This September, we are excited to celebrate National Yoga Month to help educate the health benefits of yoga and to inspire living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. All month long, Plimsoll Gear will be helping you find 30 Days Of Balance by featuring a new yoga pose every day onFacebookInstagram and Twitter. Challenge yourself for National Yoga Month by joining Plimsoll Gear and tagging #30DaysOfBalance in your favorite yoga poses!

On the mat, at sea and in life....It's All About Balance® here at Plimsoll Gear.


DJ Femia Leeuwenburg

Plimsoll Gear Founder/Sea.E.O