By Balance Ambassador, Lisa Richey

Thanks to the dear folk at Plimsoll Gear for inviting me to share some of my connection to the word BALANCE. For the past six years, I’ve started every year by identifying a word that will be my focus for the year. The first year I did this, my word was BALANCE. It was a year of stops, starts and shifts for me. I made a dramatic change in my business plan for Cheap Therapy, the small paper art business I operate from my home.

Cheap Therapy was born in 2000 and gratefully enjoyed the success of growing from 5 to more than 800 wholesale customers in seven years. We’d also grown from 2 employees to 13. Since at least 90% of Cheap Therapy’s profit goes to various charities and grants, the more the business grew, the more we could contribute. Something funny happened, though. I found myself saying NO to important things, like visits with my family and spur of the moment adventures with my sweetheart, Tom. One day, while I was creating one of my best-selling handmade paper posters, I stopped to read the words I was writing “Don’t make your living at the expense of your life”.

Rut roh.

So I adjusted my business plan to slow.things.down a bit. I wasn’t ready to close Cheap Therapy, but I was ready to follow my own advice.  That’s why I chose BALANCE as my word for 2008. And that’s why I created this card below.

To me, BALANCE is so much more than a word. It’s a way of life. What does BALANCE mean to you?

About the authorLisa Richey is a daughter, partner, aunt, housekeeper for Blossom the Diva Dawg, sister-in-law, friend, recovering banker, daydreamer, pilgrim and introvert who also loves to blog and create for Cheap Therapy… handcrafted paper art that celebrates life.